Our Story

A clockmaker or “horologist” is a practitioner of a timeless art form encompassing not just a love of craft and history, but a genuine passion for people and the precious memories their heirlooms represent. In 1987, Harley and Mary Hunter set out with this idea to open Grandfather’s Clock Gallery and Clinic. They receive their first shipment of grandfather clocks from Howard Miller on “Black Monday,” October 19, 1987, on which the Dow Jones dropped 508 points (22%) into an unexpected recession.

Despite the challenging times, Harley and Mary’s reputation for excellence quickly spread throughout Green Country, and their business continued to grow. In 2001, they acquired a larger building with more showroom and workshop space. Just off 31st and Yale, the new showroom became home to more than 400 unique and wonderful clocks with much more room for repairs and service.

Today, the Hunter’s legacy of passion and craftsmanship is carried on by new generation. In 2017, then-manager and repairman Travis Grether formally acquired the business and is set to continue a family tradition of his own with his fiancee, assistant manager and fellow clockmaker Talitha Moser. Harley and Mary still continue to enjoy their trade part time and have shared their passion with the entire staff. Each clockmaker is specially-trained in the history and upkeep of these mechanical wonders, and they love meeting new clocks and customers every day.

Our Staff

Harley Hunter
Harley HunterFounder, Clockmaker
50 years experience, now specializing in house calls.
Travis Grether
Travis GretherOwner, Manager, Clockmaker
14 years experience, specializing in house calls, clock moving, and antique clock restoration and repair.
Talitha Grether
Talitha GretherOwner, Manager, Clockmaker
8 years experience, specializing in antique clock repair and restoration.
Mike Ruttgen
Mike RuttgenClockmaker
7 years experience, specializing in installation of new mechanical movements, quartz repair, and case repair and refinishing.
Carole Ruffin
Carole Ruffin
Jordyn Winett
Jordyn Winett


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