Dear customers of Grandfather’s Clock Gallery,

We have been closed for two months, which has given us plenty of time to figure out the best ways of proceeding with business while still protecting you and all of our team during this strange time. Please take a moment to read about our new safety protocols for bringing repair work in, and picking it back up, should you continue to choose curbside for safety.

Bringing Your Clock to Us for Repair:

When you are ready to head our way, call us and let us create a claim ticket with your name, phone number and address so that it is ready for you before you arrive. We will place it on a table in the front of our showroom, and we will supervise you as you leave your item on the table and pick up your claim ticket. As soon as you step away, we will come and get your clock from the table and bring it into the repair side to determine what it needs, and communicate with you by phone at that point.

Picking up repaired items once they are ready:

When it is time to come pick up your clock, call us when you are headed our way so that we can pack it up and get it ready for you to take home. We are not accepting cash at this time, due to the spread of germs, but you can write us a check or pay with a card over the phone. We will put your receipt with your clock. Once you arrive, call us again and we will come deposit the clock with the receipt right in your back seat or trunk, so that you do not need to enter the store. Thank you for protecting yourselves and us by taking these extra safety measures!