Battery Clock Maintenance

By Talitha Grether / March 12, 2019

Every month here at the clock shop, we receive numerous battery clocks for repair. While we are happy to repair your family clock and make it as good as new (or better!), we also want to make sure that our customers know the correct way to operate their clocks to ensure longer life.  Unfortunately, many,…

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The Mechanical Clock Maintenance NEVER EVER LIST

By Talitha Grether / February 12, 2019

Through the years, we have seen thousands of clocks that needed repairs. Many of the clocks were damaged by preventable mistakes inflicted on them by their loving families! So in a short blog, with as few words as possible, I will attempt today to demonstrate the most common, preventable mistakes that clock owners make. Let’s…

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Is your clock’s mainspring over-wound?

By Travis Grether / November 3, 2017

Many owners of mechanical time pieces find that winding a clock is a special and enjoyable part of their routine. Is it for you? Maybe you have owned a clock for years and have wound it hundreds of times. You may have inherited a clock from your parents or grandparents who warned you not to…

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